Here are the programming languages you mentioned along with the names of their first developers and the approximate years of their invention:

  1. Java:
    • First Programmer: James Gosling
    • Invented: 1995
  2. Python:
    • First Programmer: Guido van Rossum
    • Invented: 1989 (first released in 1991)
  3. PHP:
    • First Programmer: Rasmus Lerdorf
    • Invented: 1994 (initial version as a set of Perl scripts), 1995 (officially named PHP)
  4. .NET:
    • .NET is not a programming language itself; it’s a framework developed by Microsoft. It supports multiple programming languages like C#, VB.NET, F#, etc.
    • C#, for example:
      • First Programmer: Anders Hejlsberg
      • Invented: Around 2000
  5. C++:
    • First Programmer: Bjarne Stroustrup
    • Invented: Early 1980s (as an extension of C programming language)
  6. JavaScript:
    • First Programmer: Brendan Eich
    • Invented: 1995

Please note that the years mentioned are approximate and refer to the initial development or release of these languages and technologies.

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